At times like this it’s easy to forget those less fortunate than us.  As Christmas draws nearer, the song, “Do they know it’s Christmas,” comes to my mind.  It reminded me of my Christmas at the orphanage of Project Papillon in Haiti in December of 2008.  If you are interested and would like to help out please visit the following web pages:

AYUI (safe house for at-risk hill tribe children in Thailand)

Los Quinchos (landfill in Nicaragua)

CMI Project Papillon (orphanage in Haiti)

As a founder of LOVE, I have worked with these amazing organizations. The joy and life that they bring to the children is  priceless.

Los Quinchos provides more than just a meal for the children of the landfill of La Chureca, they also give love and attention to the children too.

an 8 year old boy who wants to be a garbage pick up truck driver when he grows up because that's the only thing he knows in life: picking garbage for food and recyclables and driving the truck.